How To Read Sheet Music | The Basics | Introduction (Part 1)

Music Is Also A Language,It Consists Of Representation Of Sound With Variety Of Symbols.The "Sheet Music" Also Tells Us About The Pitch,Tempo,Timing And Many Other Things About A Song.This Article Will Allow You To Understand The Basics Of Musical Language/Sheet Music.So Let's Get Started!

Knowing The Basics-

The Basics In Music Are Made Up Of Staff And Bass And Treble Clef.But Before Starting,Memorize This Sequence Of Notes-"E-G-B-D-F-A-C".This Is A Very Important Step,Please Do No Take It Lightly

Staff-These Are 5 Parallel Horizontal Lines With 4 Spaces and Are The Foundation Of Written Music Pieces.The Position Of Notes On These Lines Determine The Pitch Of The Notes.Higher The Note's Position On Staff,Higher The Pitch (Frequency).For Better Understanding See The Picture Below->

The Rectangles Represent Notes As The Notes Go Higher ( To Upper Staff) The Frequency Of Song/Note Increases And Vice-Versa.